Watchlist for 2/5/15

February 5, 2015

I'm going to be easy on the trigger tomorrow. With the way SPY closed I think they can pull the rug and things will get ugly fast.

IBB - I think this broken trendline means some of these biotechs are going to drop.






GLUU - This one is of most interest to me right now whereas I'm only lukewarm on the other watchlist items. It looks poised to open above the 200DMA. Heavily shorted, this thing could squeeze up into the 5's easily.

GMCR - Earnings came up short. Possible hold of 112 for support. Could possibly be a good short too. Will know more certainly by the premarket.

DATA - Looked bullish AH. Might be staging for a breakaway gap. Less certain at this time.

UA - This was a dud after hours but may still be worth watching. Was hoping it could break to new highs but not so sure now.

FRPT - 16.25 is a level of interest for breakout.

WK - Recent IPO I'm watching for potential swing setup. 13.50 breakout area.