Watchlist for 1/21/15

January 21, 2015

CREE - Earnings beat and big AH action. Sellers feel exhausted here and big volume gap to 40. Looking for ABCD intraday setup to go long for breakaway gap swing trade.

NFLX - Huge AH mover. I think the best spot to go long would have been the grind up on 392 AH yesterday. From today I think it can either continue grinding up or hit resistance and start fading back to the 300s. I think the 200DMA being at the psychological 400 level is a good way to manage risk here. Long biased but would rather wait for a good dip or ABCD to go long.

DAL - Earnings beat yesterday. Looking for r/g / ABCD and grind up through the ATH at 50.16.

WUBA - I am surprised that 38.6 didn't act as a resistance once it broke down yesterday, instead it grinded back up. I'm bearish but using 40 as a risk.

HALO - I was expecting a dump to low 13's in the fashion of KITE, JUNO, and BLUE, but did not get it. Just watching what it does in that 14 area for now. Because there was such buying support I think it could grind up and squeeze through 15.40.

DEPO - Retesting the breakout area. Might dip just below 18.30 before continuing its march higher.

KITE, JUNO -  I was really upset with the speed which these dumped at the open yesterday because I was unable to get a good entry for short sale. I'm short biased on KITE to 60, JUNO to 40, but I don't know how long they will bear flag/grind up with short covering before they resume their drops. I got stopped out several times trying to find and entry mid-day. On KITE 70 seems to be a solid support that needs to break, 45 a solid support on JUNO that needs to break. Until I see those crack or for them to come back to the top of the ranges for a lower high I'm just watching.