Day Trading Lessons

Watchlist for 1/5/15

January 4, 2015

BCLI - On Friday this looked like it was going to be the next NDRM at first, but pulled back some. However, 7 seems to be holding up, it's in blue skies, so it could just be resting to continue its run as a breakaway gap.

FRPT - Retesting the 16.5 breakout area. Could rip higher from here.

HDP - Sweet… we're getting a retest of the breakout area. Look for 25 to hold.

MOMO - Looks like its gearing up some for a possible upside move.

VIPS - Swing trade idea. Breaking out of the falling wedge.

ARCP - Very speculative, but the chart is acting very strong with key breakout levels at 9.3 the 10 magnet.adx

RH - Acting tired. Possible pullback to 90 if the market brings it down. Would consider shorting if it pops to 96 and begins fading off.

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