Watchlist for 12/29/14

December 29, 2014

ATOS - 1.80 holding as support. If it cracks and acts as a resistance would be willing to short risking a few cents.

JUNO - Very active IPO - pay pull back some today. Or reset at Friday's high and move higher.

VJET -  little pop on Friday with the 3D names. If it can clear 9.65 may get up to 11.20. Or, 9.65 resistance & fade

VA - The breakout will get overextended at some point, but for now it's got room to run. Interested in long setups until a prior level of support becomes resistance. Unfortunately, I think its too late to chase for a swing trade.

CMCM - Would be interested in going long on any dip, risk to ~14.75

Swing Ideas

FSLR - Bullish on a breakthrough of that 43-45.5 range. Looks kind of like a bull flag.

MTW - Carl Ichan news. Looking for 22 to hold as a support now.

EL - Looking for it to retest the breakout area at 77.15 for possible run to 80, stop just below 77. Not one of my favorite ideas as that would be only a ~5% move and given its run up from the low 70s without a rest I have relatively low confidence in this. But the r/r is good if nothing looks good on Monday.