Watchlist for 12/15/14

December 15, 2014

LOCO - The downtrend finally broke. Will be looking for a weak open and hold for higher low above 21.91 to go long.

CALA - I got burned trying to short this Friday, but at least I covered well before the end of day run. This can still run but eventually it will run out of steam and crack hard.

SPLS/ODP - This duo started rallying last week over merger speculation and a barrage of analyst upgrades. They are both hitting 52's and this next few days could still have some long plays. Using Friday's low would be a good area to set risk.

TSLA - Watching for the downside to accelerate if 204 can't hold.

GPRO - Circling the drain, with resistance now at 64 it could have more drops in store.

ADBE - Potential breakaway gap. Interested in long if it holds higher lows above 73.30.

SSTK - I don't see much of a setup yet, but worth watching as it was very active on news that ADBE bought Fotolia. Good chance this recovers for a long play.

HGSH - Big pop on volume. This one is a former runner and may just be getting started. My gut feeling is that Friday's run was part of a newsletter or other pump. Keep an eye on it for it to go parabolic.

NEWR - Nice IPO debut. Got this on radar for continuation.

HDP - Another IPO I'm tracking along with NEWR.

LE - Barely hanging on to 48. I think it could retrace to the low 40's at some point.<div class="image-box">