Watchlist for 12/4/14

December 4, 2014

For Potential Day Trades

DGLY - I think this one is toast as the news cycle shifts. Interested in shorting pops. <div class="image-box">

</div> CYBR - Broke the downtrend, made a higher low. Watch out! It's back! Interested in bullish moves - r/g, ORB. Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.52.37 PM EA - Nice power candle today. But… chart looks a little overextended. Watching for s/s opportunities. <div class="image-box">


For Potential Day or Swing Trades

AVGO - Big earnings beat - this could be a breakaway gap.

IRBT - Breaking out of the 200dma <div class="image-box">

</div> LULU - Retesting the 45 breakout area <div class="image-box">

</div> Z - Looks like its bull flagging. Risk to 110. Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.54.20 PM SFM - Didn't have any momentum today but still on watch. <div class="image-box">

</div> SKUL - Might be flagging. (Got this one from Michele at TradeOnTheFly) <div class="image-box">