Day Trading Watchlist for 11/3/14

November 3, 2014

The market is going to be tough to figure out this week. I think it ripped back from that 10% correction unusually fast, making a "V" shape recovery. Before looking at the bigger picture for bullish swing trades, I'd rather see the SPY pull back to a higher lower. But anything can happen this week with earnings.

TASR - May hit some MTF resistance at 19



KMX - Friday finally had the gap and crap I've been waiting for. Looking for this one to pull back some. Short biased tomorrow.

YY - acting like it wants to break out. I missed the move in QIHU, but YY has a similar look over the past few weeks.

FSLR, SCTY, VSLR - Solars are starting to heat up again after being beat down with the rest of the market. SCTY and FSLR have earnings on Wed and Thurs respectively. I'm in VSLR for a swing trade, long biased.

SOHU - e/r tomorrow morning. Given the base around the low 40s (42.5 is the absolute bottom) and high volume pop Friday, this may see continued momentum to the upside if the e/r is good.