Swing and Day Trading Watchlist for 9/25/14

September 25, 2014

I had some concerns about the Russell 2000 the other day, but today was a very positive bounce which may mean we have a short term bottom in place. There may be some good buys out there on stocks that have pulled back if they can hold their recent lows. All of these stocks I'm watching could make good day trades for tomorrow, but many of them may also be good positions to hold for the next few days as well.

GPRO, LOCO, and MBLY are all hot IPOs that recently debuted and tend to trade in tandem. All 3 tend to have active charts on both the daily and intraday. But I think there's a new hot IPO trifecta in town -  BABA, CFG, CYBR. Today was the first day trading for CYBR and CFG. BABA, which debut last Friday had a strong bounce today and may get more interesting. Each of these stocks are likely to give strong setups in both directions.


CUDA - Coming off the pullback to the higher low.

SUNE - 19 seems to be a stronghold.

EVHC - Big pullback on news that some of its initial investors are liquidating stake. It had 2 bottoms intraday that got bought back and held, plus the 200DMA. I think this eventually comes back to fill the gap.

YELP - Rumors floating around that this is a potential acquisition target. Tuesday's low looks like a good risk area. It's also a higher low on the daily chart.

TRUE - Nice gradual pullback to the 50DMA.

STZ - Coiling up for a breakout over 90.


GOGO - This was a disappointing day trade attempt for me today, but look at how the daily chart is coiling up. It's making a flag. This could break above the 200DMA at any day now.