Swing Trading Watchlist 9/21/14

September 22, 2014

FEYE - Setting up for a bullish wedge formation. Tried to snag some shares on the Friday after dip but didn't get filled.

TUBE - Very bullish action here in the way this is coiling.

AKAM - Nice pullback to the breakout area. This is a good spot to load up with a risk on the 13EMA.

OVTI - I know the trend on this one has been up, but look at how it's struggled to break the high made on the gap up day. I have the feeling that this one pulls back to fill the gap from 25, especially if we see some weakness in the Russell 2000 or Nasdaq Composite. At Friday's close, that's about 0.80 risk for over 2.60 reward.

RAIL - This thing rallied following the analyst upgrades it got when it reported an earnings beat for the last quarter. But the shooting star candle may be a sign that the +63% run on this is reaching exhaustion. Looking for opportunities to short.

GRUB - Consolidating for a move higher. Risk off of 37, just below the 50 day moving average. <div class="image-box">


GLUU - Looks like its consolidating for a move higher. Good spot to accumulate with a risk on 4.75. Hard for me to tell though exactly on which number the breakout might occur. Might thrash around here for a few more days or weeks. Watch for any spikes in volume… that will be a leading indicator that a breakout is about to occur. This one is a bit risky though because I think its more like than other stocks to gap down on news. However, last Friday it dropped in the extended hours on news that they are raising another 10 million shares, and the dip was bought which is bullish price action.

CME - Watching for the formation of a bull flag and push to take out the near term high at 83.66. <div class="image-box">