Watchlist for 12/12/14

December 12, 2014

CCXI - Positive Phase 2 results. Making new 52's in PM. Don't fight trend until it breaks.

KITE - Made an excellent short trade yesterday, but it popped back up for the rest of the day. Looking for it to fade again today.

I've been noticing a lot of biotechs going parabolic lately. When the trend breaks, good chance some of these will pull like KITE. Here's what I'm watching in order of interest: CALA, ALDR, ACAD, AGIO. Waiting for everyone long to have a reason to take profits and then joining in to join the panic on the short side.

ATHN - looking for continuation on a nice move. Was moved by investor day yesterday.

XIV/UVXY - The VIX is back at 20. It could go higher. But XIV and UVXY back in play. Looking to long XIV on the back end of this move - when volatility retreats. But as of now we are on the front end of the volatility spike. UVXY would be a good long into any panic on the SPY.