Day Trading Watchlist for 11/5/14

November 5, 2014

It's the day after elections. Anything could happen - but we usually get a strong move in the market one direction or the other. Watching earnings related plays for day trading setups and a few swing trade candidates.

LVLT - reports before the open. Looks like it can do a flat top breakout if the e/r is good. But, chart looks overextended here. Looking at moves either direction.

BABA - What a great trader after the earnings release this morning. Looking for a long setup for a 110 push.


KORS - Another crappy quarter, but this thing has held above the 52 week low. The bottom may be in place, the sellers have run out of shares to sell. Looking to go long risking to 69.20 or 70.

ODP - Could be a multi day breakout. Looking to buy any weak open with a set risk.

PCLN - I'm not sure what to think of the price action today. I have the feeling this will float lower given the 1100 level has been broken. Despite the earnings beat, guidance was to the downside. I'm short biased on the theory that growth fund managers may question whether the organic growth is slowing.

FEYE - They delivered in-line results but the after-hours action was not pretty. It may be an overreaction. I think this may play out similar to YELP from a couple of weeks ago.

TRIP - Another punished stock, but this was a revenue miss. I'm more short biased on this one than FEYE.

ZU - Another stock hit hard for providing in-line guidance. After-hours action came close to testing the 52-week low 28.75.

VSLR - I'm noticing a bullish divergence in this one vs. the other solars. While FSLR, SCTY, SUNE, CSIQ languished today, VSLR held steady. Looking at possibly breakout of 15 to 16.


QIHU - One of the few swing trades that have my interest to the long side. Just waiting for a little pullback to go long.

YELP - Another one I want for long swing trade. Letting it come in a little.

TWTR - Strong support here in the 39-40 zone. I'm a buyer of dips using 40 as a guide.


W - Another one I'm interested in buying for a swing trade. Support at 24