Day Trading Watchlist for 10/31/14

October 31, 2014

A lot of earnings this evening! I'm mainly watching earnings related moves because the rest of this market has not been very exciting.

GPRO - sick moves after hours. Given it squeezed from the 60's to near 80, it may stall out in the premarket. Despite the beat I'm going to be looking for failed momentum and possibility to go short.

CDTI - This stock had major float rotation and trapping of the shorts. Could go either way tomorrow. I'm long biased going into tomorrow, but at some point this thing will go back to being $1.

ZEN - earnings beat and raised guidance. Could rip out of the open.

OPLK - Another earnings beat and raise.

IMPV - Another earnings beat. Guidance was in-line but given how punished this stock is it may squeeze some shorts.

VIMC - Very weak close today. The landslide may be coming!

OMER - This one was wild today on a CMS ruling. Looking for continued bullish momentum, but at some point it will stall out and be a good short.

RAIL - EPS beat but revenue miss. The only reason I have this one on here is that its made some big moves lately. If it's priced to perfection it could be weak tomorrow and fade.