Day Trade Watchlist for 10/28/14

October 28, 2014

Today there wasn't a lot of movement in stocks with the exception of a few biotech stocks. SPY is acting a little toppish - may be running into some resistance. Good chance we get a nice pullback tomorrow. If not, I think we're likely to consolidate here for a while especially since a lot of stocks are in a holding pattern as they await earnings announcements.

TWTR - Reported this evening with mostly in-line numbers. It may tank tomorrow, but may also find a bottom and bounce like YELP did last week. Looking for a move in either direction where I can bet with a set risk/reward.

BWLD - Another earnings beat after hours. This might be strong tomorrow, coming back up above the 200DMA. Looking for long setups.

CEMI - This is the latest stock to run on Ebola news. The company came out with a vague press release announcing that they will develop a point-of-care Ebola test. I expect the momentum in this one to fade off and the gap to fill soon.

SRPT - Down big today on an FDA related delay on its muscular dystrophy drug. Looking for moves in either direction. Note that 17 is a big support/resistance level on multiple time frames.

VTAE - Interesting rebound from Friday's weakness. Will it retrace from 14?