Day Trading Watchlist for 10/23/14

October 23, 2014

A lot of earnings coming out tomorrow. Some of the ones of interest to me include UA, JAKK, AAL, UAL. Here are my other main watches:

VPCO - Big surge here. Couldn't find any story behind this, but I think it may pop and fade. It should hit some resistance at 4.00. If it ramps up to 4.00 and coils through that, watch out! But I don't think it will.

ISNS, VII - the security camera plays are back. Secondary moves like this are generally much weaker than the first parabolic runs. Looking for lower highs to short.


NLNK - May have missed the move in this with 40 over/under. Looking for topping action to go short. Maybe it will try 40 again and fail.

YELP - Guidance was a little low on the earnings report - Q4 revs 107M vs 110M consensus. Will see if this can find bottom and recover.

YHOO - crazy, unexpected earnings beat yesterday. Could be a breakaway gap if it holds today's low.