Day Trading Watchlist for 9/24/14

September 24, 2014

This market is dead as doornails. It's really hard to trade when there isn't a lot of emotional knee jerk buying or selling and stocks are just randomly floating around a range. There are setups, but they don't have the powerful followthrough that you need to rake in the cash. I'm not expecting a lot of news driven action tomorrow, so I will be trolling my go-to stocks to see if they have any setups.

YELP - This has had a nice orderly pullback with now a hammer on the bottom. I think this is likely to bounce tomorrow, similar to YY this morning.

TKMR - This is acting a little toppish. I have the feeling that this will stay up here and consolidate on 24, but may provide good short opportunities as it struggles to move higher.

GPRO - The daily chart is so extended I was surprised that this flag on the daily still broke out to the upside. Should provide an interesting opening range break play tomorrow morning.

MBLY - Was surprised that this had good range again today. Maybe the boost was aided by Cramer's recommendation. I'm not biased in either direction - this is just one of my favorite go-to stocks.

RWLK - Another go-to stock for setups.

ETN - I got burned trying to long this thinking it bottomed, but we finally got our first green candle in 15 days and decent volume. It gave me a good day trade today. Maybe tomorrow will be the start of an up trend to 70.