Day Trading Watchlist for 9/18/14

September 18, 2014

Correction: It appears that the Alibaba IPO (BABA) was moved to Friday. Same game plan, different day.


Alibaba IPO day is finally upon us! Here are stocks I've got my eye on tomorrow:

YHOO - When Alibaba starts trading tomorrow, I expect YHOO to fade as people who invested in YHOO for the Alibaba component dump YHOO shares and switch it out for BABA. Look for signs of topping in YHOO and go for the short. BABA is probably going to be a great IPO, but don't chase. If it starts trading at too high a value, it could fall. Better to wait for the long setup than be the first buyer.

MOBI - for some reason this thing went nuts at the end of the day. I cannot find any news. Possible long play here, or look for signs of topping and fade.


NYNY - Nice move here.  Interested in a red/green push to 8. I don't think it's ready for a pullback yet.

SKX - This thing took a hit today after announcement that they are initiating a copyright lawsuit against another company making similar shoes. This thing has had a big runup on the daily chart so I think a lot of this selling is not necessarily news driven but could be profit taking. Looking for r/g and higher lows for a climb back to 60.

MBLY - Looking for a flush to go sub-50.

DD - Possible swing trade idea. Nelson Peltz is pushing the board to split up the company. This could be a breakaway gap.

TFM - Breaking out of the flag on increased volume. Swing trade.

SWHC - This looks like it's bottoming. Could probably run back to 12.  Good risk/reward from here if your stop is the upper 9's.